WAVE Therapy involves a series of treatments where non-painful, high frequency, low-energy acoustic wave pulses are used. The sound waves repair aged blood vessels, stimulate growth of new blood vessels and remove decades of micro-plaque. It is a painless treatment that does not involve sedation, medication or surgery!


How does WAVE Therapy work? The pulsating waves trigger a healing response which “wakes up” dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis. The release of growth factors leads to the creation of new blood vessels from existing blood vessels as well as the overall rejuvenation of erectile tissue. Throughout the treatment, acoustical waves are applied to different areas of the penis. This increases the blood flow to the penile tissue and improves sexual function. In addition, the WAVE therapy activates the growth of new nerve tissue in the penis. The increase in blood flow and growth of nerve tissue helps any man obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

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Your first visit is $99, this fee includes a confidential consultation with one of our medical providers, PSA testing, testosterone assessment, body composition analysis, and a customized "test dose" of our proven medication if needed. HSA (Health Savings Account), FSA (Flexible Spending Account), and Care Credit cards are accepted!

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